"Pure Suit II"
Scott Hunter, Adam Dacre

Awards And Promotions

Since November 2011, I've been working in the adult industry and I've been very fortunate to work with a number of amazing guys, some incredible studios and along the way, I've even picked up some awards and nominations too. Here's a list of what I know (and I say 'know' because half of the time, you don't even get told you're up for an award) I've been nominated for.








Butch Dixon Scott Hunter Butch Dixon Scott Hunter
Actor List:
Landon Conrad (Raging Stallion) Anthony Thomas (Bulldog Pit) Daniel (Sean Cody) Seth Roberts (Alphamales) Nova Rubio (Lucas Entertainment) Rio Silver (Alphamales) Alex Graham (UK Naked Men) Theo Reid (Bulldog Pit) Bruno Bernal (Falcon) Jake Andrews (Lucas Entertainment) Tyler Reed (Breed Me Raw) Tomas Brand (Lucas Entertainment) Seth Treston (Lucas Entertainment) Maikel Cash (Men at Play) Alessio Romero (Men Over 30) Hugo Vergari (Men at Play) Tyson Reade (Raging Stallion) Trenton Ducati (Falcon) Spencer Reed (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Alphamales) Jessie Colter (Fetish Force) Skippy Baxter (Raging Stallion) Ulysse (Butch Dixon) Jimmy Durano (Falcon) Byron Saint (Fetish Force) Leo Domenico (Men at Play) Brad Patton (COLT) Andy West (Breed Me Raw) Josh Bangs (Hot House) James Ryder (Hot House) ZBoy 25 (Lucas Entertainment) Caleb Roca (Men at Play) Sean (Sean Cody) Rocco Steele (Raging Stallion) Luckas Layton (Eurocreme) Brayden Forrester (Titan Men) Caleb King (Titan Men) Bruce Jordan (Butch Dixon) Micah Brandt (Titan Men) Jessie Balboa (COLT) Alfie Stone (Butch Dixon) Killian James (Falcon) Jacob Peterson (Club Inferno Dungeon) Landon Conrad (Titan Men) Jordan Fox (Hard Brit Lads) Tommy Defendi (Raging Stallion) Kevin Blake (Falcon) Eric Nero (Titan Men) Dato Foland (Men at Play) Darius Ferdynand (UK Naked Men) Adam Ramzi (Titan Men) Theo Reid (Hard Brit Lads) Christian Matthews (Butch Dixon) Jay Bentley (Titan Men) Sebastian Rossi (Lucas Entertainment) Ricky Bombay (Lucas Entertainment) Blue Bailey (Lucas Entertainment) Craig Daniel (Hard Brit Lads) James Hamilton (Cocksure Men) Max Cameron (Bareback That Hole) Thor Larsen (Titan Men) Logan Moore (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Butch Dixon) Toby Dutch (Lucas Entertainment) Mario Domenech (Butch Dixon) Brian Bonds (Club Inferno Dungeon) Matt Brooks (Hard Brit Lads) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Joey Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Matthew Bosch (Titan Men) Mark Coxx (UK Naked Men) Dan Broughton (Hard Brit Lads) Mickey Taylor (Men.com) Luke Desmond (Eurocreme) Mickey Taylor (Young Bastards) Gio Cruz (Butch Dixon) Charlie Harding (Cocksure Men) Adam Dacre (Men at Play) Mitch Vaughn (Cocksure Men) Gabriel Vanderloo (Men at Play) Adam Sins (Cocksure Men) Allen Silver (Titan Men) Scott Hunter (COLT) Landon Conrad (Lucas Entertainment) Mack Manus (Titan Men) Goran (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Lucas Entertainment) Jed Athens (Lucas Entertainment) Colton Grey (Lucas Entertainment) Enzo Rimenez (Men at Play) Johnny Hazzard (Men at Play) Austin Chandler (Lucas Entertainment) Sean Duran (Men Over 30) Nick Sterling (Falcon) Robin Fanteria (Butch Dixon) Ben Grey (Hard Brit Lads) Danny Montero (Hard Brit Lads) Dean Monroe (Alphamales) Rio Silver (Men at Play) Francois Sagat (Titan Men)
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