"Jock VS Suit"
Scott Hunter, Tony Gys

Jock VS Suit (Men at Play)

Stars of this scene:

Blond, muscle hunk Tony Gys makes a return to MENATPLAY this week in his hottest scene to date alongside MENATPLAY power bottom Scott Hunter.

The young, latin jock explores his dirtier, darker fantasies in a sleazy back-room, dressed in his sports gear and jock-strap, looking for a willing mouth to suck his delicious, uncut 8” cock.

But he gets a lot more than he bargained for when he comes horny business man Scott Hunter.

Scott clocks the shirtless 25 year old as he swigs his beer and strokes his hard cock, and doesn’t hesitate in dropping to his knees to give him the blow job of his lifetime, swallowing his meat until he gags.

But Scott wants a lot more than just a good feeding, and Tony does just that by pulling his suit trousers off, sitting him in the sling and pounding him with every inch of his hard cock.

Tony uses the sling’s motion to swing him and slam his ass, driving his dick in deeper with every thrust until he’s ready to blow and gives cum-hungry Scott a tasty mouthful to remember him by.

"OMG! Tony Gys is drop dead gorgeous. Would love to be on the receiving end with Tony. Scott's ass is WOOF! This is an excellent scene. " 

"You can almost taste the beer, the mansweat, the cum in this one. Scott is so fuckable - don't you just love him! Tony certainly can deliver the goods."

"Another great movie. Loved every aspect of this. Beautiful suit and lining. Where did you get it? The expression on Scott's face was perfect. You could tell he really wanted it, and Tony was definitely able to delivery"

"This is another winner from MAP! Tony & Scott are both hot guys, and I love the chemistry between them at the outset - especially the beer-swilling and spitting over Scott's face, suit & tie...when after being subjected to more spitting and tie abuse, Scott displayed again how much he loves the taste of cum . . . ;) These guys were great to watch; hope we'll see more of them!"

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Men at Play
Actor List:
Matt Stevens (Men Over 30) Connor Kline (Hot House) Gio Cruz (Alphamales) Chris Hollander (COLT) Ennio Guardi (Breed Me Raw) Mike Tanner (Titan Men) Adam Killian (Lucas Entertainment) Alessio Romero (Men Over 30) Jimmy Durano (Raging Stallion) Aaron Steel (UK Naked Men) Charlie Harding (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Jed Athens (Lucas Entertainment) Joey Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Angel Rock (Falcon) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Will Swagger (Titan Men) Adam Dexter (COLT) Rikk York (Butch Dixon) Alfie Stone (The Hunter Diaries) Rogan Richards (Titan Men) Adrian Toledo (UK Naked Men) Beau Reed (Breed Me Raw) Fernando Torres (Lucas Entertainment) Topher Di Maggio (Men at Play) Joe Gunner (Lucas Entertainment) Isaac Hardy (Butch Dixon) Oscar Roberts (Hard Brit Lads) Franko Gold (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Caber (Titan Men) Gabriel Vanderloo (Men at Play) Adam Sins (Cocksure Men) Mark Brown (Cocksure Men) Adam Soulska (COLT) Scott Hunter (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Cocksure Men) Johnny V (Falcon) Mickey Taylor (Young Bastards) Jamie Del Rey (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Scott Hunter (Tim Tales) Luke Desmond (Eurocreme) Sean (Sean Cody) Scott Hunter (Men at Play) ZBoy 25 (Lucas Entertainment) Bennett Anthony (Titan Men) Josh West (Titan Men) Dolf Dietrich (Fisting Central) Tommy DeLuca (Hot House) Nick Capra (Raging Stallion) Thomas Ride (Cocksure Men) Devin Adams (Titan Men) Justin Cruise (Lucas Entertainment) Andy O'Neil (Eurocreme) Brett Bradley (Extra Big Dicks) Brian Bonds (Club Inferno Dungeon) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Jake Andrews (Lucas Entertainment) Paco (Men at Play) Dario Beck (Men at Play) Joey Banks (Lucas Entertainment) Aleks Buldocek (Titan Men) Seth Roberts (Lucas Entertainment) Jake Bolton (Men at Play) Landon Conrad (Men Over 30) Daniel Scott James (Hard Brit Lads) Adam Russo (Breed Me Raw) Byron Saint (Titan Men) Randy Harden (TIM Fuck) Tex Davidson (Titan Men) Jonathan Agassi (Lucas Entertainment) Johnny Hazzard (Men at Play) Jack Handler (TIM Fuck) Dorian Ferro (Raging Stallion) Woody Fox (Men at Play) Goran (Lucas Entertainment) Anthony London (Titan Men) Scott Hunter (COLT) Alex Marte (Butch Dixon) Fabio Stallone (Lucas Entertainment) Micah Brandt (Titan Men) Julio Rey (Butch Dixon) Tony Gys (Men at Play) Nick Prescott (Titan Men) Dirk Caber (Alphamales) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Seth Roberts (Alphamales) James Jones (Lucas Entertainment) Anthony Verruso (Lucas Entertainment) Mitch Vaughn (Cocksure Men) Javi Velaro (Lucas Entertainment) Trenton Ducati (Raging Stallion) Thor Larsson (Titan Men) Mickey Taylor (Men.com) Mike Dozer (Raging Stallion) Ivan Gregory (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Titan Men) Liam Magnuson (Lucas Entertainment) Mark Coxx (UK Naked Men) Raff Owen (Lucas Entertainment) Trelino (Raging Stallion) James Ryder (Hot House)
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