"Kristen Bjorn Casting"
Scott Hunter, Lucio Saints

Kristen Bjorn Casting (Kristen Bjorn)

Stars of this scene:

Lucio and Scott have been working a lot lately and finally find some time for themselves. Passionate kissing, touching and affection are all requirements for couples finding their way back to each other.

Lucio unleashes his mammoth cock and Scott moves right in and begins devouring his cock. Lucio loves the fact that Scott is able to handle his huge cock and balls.

So much so that Lucio feeds Scott his balls, filling his mouth and then filling it with his hard cock. Both men love sucking, gagging and choking on the others cock as they force the others cock down their throats.

Lucio preps Scott's hairy pink hole with his spit and fingers before he penetrates his wet hole. Lucio pulls out and then penetrates Scott completely before he begins his rhythmic fucking.

Scott repositions himself on top of Lucio so that Lucio can penetrate him deeper. Lucio pounds away relentlessly at Scott's dripping hole as Scott strokes his huge cock as both men's balls slap against each other.

Scott jumps off of Lucio and begins sucking on his straining cock, when Lucio releases his huge load that goes flying across the room. Scott continues sucking on Lucio's balls and erupts a huge, thick and creamy load. Don't let work get in the way of your sex life.

Photoset: Kristen Bjorn 1 (Scott and Lucio)

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Butch Dixon Scott Hunter
Actor List:
Alex Kaine (TIM Fuck) Armond Rizzo (Men Over 30) Alessio Romero (Bareback That Hole) Adam Ramzi (Titan Men) Tyler Reed (Breed Me Raw) Johnny V (Falcon) Tim Kruger (Tim Tales) Andy O'Neil (Eurocreme) Landon Conrad (Lucas Entertainment) Jake Mitchell (TIM Fuck) Killian James (Falcon) Ashley Rider (Bulldog Pit) James Dixon (Bulldog Pit) Christopher Daniels (Eurocreme) Matt Brooks (Hard Brit Lads) Joe Gunn (Alphamales) Denis Vega (Men at Play) Mark Brown (Cocksure Men) Thor Larsen (Titan Men) Jake Andrews (Lucas Entertainment) Christian Matthews (Butch Dixon) Charlie Harding (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Scott Hunter (Raging Stallion) Dario Leon (Lucas Entertainment) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Chad Brock (Bareback That Hole) Dustin Steele (Cocksure Men) Hector De Silva (Men at Play) Brett Bradley (Extra Big Dicks) Scotty Rage (Cocksure Men) Will Swagger (Titan Men) Joe Gunner (Lucas Entertainment) Hans Berlin (Alphamales) Adam Russo (Breed Me Raw) Kayden Fleming (Falcon) Rio Francisco (Bulldog Pit) Alex Marte (Butch Dixon) Brayden Forrester (Titan Men) Joseph Rough (Lucas Entertainment) Tony Orion (Titan Men) Nick Prescott (Titan Men) JP Dubois (Falcon) Aitor Crash (World of Men) Geoffrey Paine (Alphamales) Logan Rogue (Lucas Entertainment) Christian Matthews (Bareback That Hole) Mike Tanner (Titan Men) Rocco Steele (Raging Stallion) Scott Hunter (Titan Men) Ray Nicks (Titan Men) Matt Stevens (Men Over 30) Jack (Sean Cody) Daniel James (UK Naked Men) Shaw (Sean Cody) Jack Handler (TIM Fuck) Mickey Rush (Cocksure Men) Mark Sanz (Raging Stallion) Joseph Rough (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Ivan Gregory (Lucas Entertainment) Justin Cruise (Lucas Entertainment) Dani Robles (Men at Play) Peter Stark (Lucas Entertainment) Ivo Kerk (Cocksure Men) Kevin Blake (Falcon) James Ryder (Hot House) Jean Franko (Men at Play) Alex Silvers (Hard Brit Lads) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Dallas Steele (Titan Men) Trenton Ducati (Raging Stallion) Leo Domenico (Men at Play) Adam Ramzi (Raging Stallion) Joey Banks (Lucas Entertainment) Josh West (COLT) James Hamilton (Cocksure Men) Shay Michaels (Breed Me Raw) Jake Bolton (Men at Play) Sebastian Rossi (Lucas Entertainment) Jessy Ares (Men at Play) Tyson Tyler (Hard Brit Lads) Viktor Rom (Men at Play) Cylus (Cy) Kohen (Bareback That Hole) Leo Domenico (Titan Men) Theo Reid (Hard Brit Lads) Rob Yaeger (TIM Fuck) Jesse Jackman (Titan Men) Jake Lewis (Hard Brit Lads) Rio Silver (Alphamales) Gabriel Vanderloo (Men at Play) Liam Magnuson (Titan Men) Luke Desmond (Eurocreme) Brad Patton (COLT) Race Cooper (Fetish Force) Rado Zuska (Kristen Bjorn) Frank Valencia (UK Naked Men) Lucio Saints (Tim Tales) Scott Hunter (Cocksure Men) James Jones (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Stallone (Lucas Entertainment) Aleks Buldocek (Titan Men)
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