Anthony Thomas, Titch Jones, Rio Francisco (Bulldog Pit)

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He has no idea how lucky he is getting to eat Titch's cock I can tell ya, that one young, slim lad I woudl love to work with. Great shots of soe truly gorgeous dicks! - Scott Hunter

With a new Top Dog, the stunning inmates at this Borstal are free to indulge in horny cock and ass action with each other.

Anthony Thomas can't wait to slide down on Titch's massive meat whilst having Rio thrust down his throat in great fashion before all three shoot their load, all swimming in spunk by the end, with Anthony desperate for a taste of it.

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Ashley Ryder, Titch Jones & Darren Robins (Bulldog Pit)

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Cinematography (4*):
Great camera work, some really clear shots and great positioning, great audio and good capture of the fun!

Scene/Set (3*):
Interesting location, bit of fun, something a bit always makes a change to see something different so it stands out.

Storyline (3*):
There's not really a storyline to this but then you don't need to, it's got Titch who's come back.

Action (4*):
It's no wonder Ashley took Titch for himself...who wouldn't? A lovely cock like that needs someone who will enjoy it and we all know Ashley likes them big so, can't say I blame him! Great scene but I feel like Darren gets very much left out in some respects, all the attention is on Ashley and Titch. - Scott Hunter

This scene truly is cum-worthy. Borstal guard Darren takes big dicked Titch and super bottom Ashley into the shed after a hard days graft.

Getting these two convicts to suck and fuck each other, it's not long before buff stud Darren wants a piece of the action and loosens Ashley up before a fucking awesome double penetration and spit-roasting.

This is one HOT scene which is sure to make you horny as fuck. Once these boys are soaked in cum, Darren gets up and puts his uniform back on and leaves them lying there, showing them exactly who's in charge!!

Penance - Scene 3 (Bulldog Pit)

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I don't know who to be most jealous of here...both these boys have stunning dicks and if I could I would want to be preying to both! - Scott Hunter

James comes to confession he is worried that because he loves a boy that god will abandon him. We see the priest this time to be Kayden Gray.

Father Kayden explains about temptation and we are all vulnerable to it.

He slides open the glory hole door just as father Theo did and touches James on the leg and as the boys before him and to follow James succumbs to the encouraging words of the priest and the strong sexual advances.

James prays with the father resulting in the most glorious of blowjob scene on screen.

They fuck through the hole and father Kayden gives him a parting gift of a string of rosary beads as James is new to the church and the area and it is a gift of their trust and understanding.

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Penance - Scene 1 (Bulldog Pit)

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Two sexy guys at once again, I love both of these lads, could have a lot of fun with them! - Scott Hunter

Father Theo Reid is back in his confessional and opens the partition screen to Justin Blake. Justin is straight and feels that recently he has don't something terribly wrong and not even his girl friend can find out.

Justin has been cruising the online chat rooms and speaking with a girl, well he though she was a she!

They arranged to meet and when she turned up if turned out to be a hot guy. Overcome with disappointment but totally horned up from what they talked about online he says he opened the door and fucked with the guy.

Father Theo explains that there are many ways to love god and slides open the glory hole door and rest a hand on Justin.

Surprised but excited Justin succumbs quickly to father Theo's advances and they both enjoy what God gave them, through the glory hole.

Justin relives getting fucked from his confession as father Theo fucks Justin till they both shoot hot thick cum over each other.

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Hard Brit Lads Scott Hunter Christian Legendary Hole
Actor List:
Tony Orion (Raging Stallion) Adriano Carrasco (Lucas Entertainment) JR Bronson (World of Men) Christian Matthews (Bareback That Hole) Trit Tyler (Extra Big Dicks) Ben Grey (Hard Brit Lads) Adam Killian (Lucas Entertainment) Dario Beck (Men at Play) Trevor Spade (Cocksure Men) Jason Kingsley (COLT) Michael Lachlan (Lucas Entertainment) Allen Silver (Titan Men) Mickey Taylor ( Trenton Ducati (Lucas Entertainment) Derek Parker (Lucas Entertainment) Darius Ferdynand (UK Naked Men) Fabio Acconi (Falcon) Seth Roberts (Alphamales) Jack Dobris (Cocksure Men) Paul Walker (Lucas Entertainment) Jake Mitchell (TIM Fuck) Jean Franko (Men at Play) Mark Long (Next Door Raw) Scott Hunter (Titan Men) Shawn Wolfe (Raging Stallion) Trenton Ducati (Raging Stallion) Lucio Saints (Alphamales) Joey Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Aaron Mark (Lucas Entertainment) Alex Graham (UK Naked Men) Adam Ramzi (Raging Stallion) Johnny V (Falcon) Tommy Defendi (Raging Stallion) Carter Dane (Men at Play) Nick Prescott (Titan Men) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Geoffrey Paine (Lucas Entertainment) Alessio Romero (Men Over 30) Shaw (Sean Cody) Matt Brooks (Hard Brit Lads) Jamie Del Rey (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Grek Baldwin (Cocksure Men) Mike Tanner (Titan Men) David Lambert (Lucas Entertainment) Charlie Harding (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Trojan Rock (World of Men) Dean (Sean Cody) Boomer Banks (Raging Stallion) Tyson Tyler (Hard Brit Lads) Harley Everett ( Christopher Daniels (Eurocreme) Seth Roberts (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Stallone (Raging Stallion) Adam Wirthmore (Falcon) Scotty Rage (Cocksure Men) Joe Gunn (Alphamales) Seamus O'Reilly (Raging Stallion) Marco Milan (Lucas Entertainment) Alexander Gustavo (Hot House) Jimmy Durano (Falcon) Nick Andrews (Bareback That Hole) Logan Moore (Lucas Entertainment) Joseph Rough (Lucas Entertainment) Anthony Thomas (Bulldog Pit) Edji Da Silva (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Sins (Cocksure Men) Daniel James (UK Naked Men) Enzo Rimenez (Men at Play) Dean Monroe (Alphamales) Darren Robbins (Hard Brit Lads) Spencer Reed (Men at Play) Enigma (TIM Fuck) Fernando Torres (Lucas Entertainment) Dirk Caber (Alphamales) Stas Landon (Lucas Entertainment) Hans Berlin (Titan Men) Rikk York (Butch Dixon) Jack Handler (TIM Fuck) Tom Vojak (Kristen Bjorn) Darius Ferdynand (Hot House) Valentino Medici (Lucas Entertainment) Brad Kalvo (Bareback That Hole) Jessy Ares (Butch Dixon) Draven Tores (Lucas Entertainment) Landon Conrad (Men Over 30) Alex Marte (Men at Play) Adam Russo (Titan Men) Landon Conrad (Men at Play) Rio Francisco (Bulldog Pit) Austin Chandler (Lucas Entertainment) Marty Loket (Cocksure Men) Seven Dixon (Raging Stallion) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Alfie Stone (Butch Dixon) Landon Conrad (Titan Men) Drew Sebastian (Fisting Central) Franco Ferarri (Lucas Entertainment) Andy O'Neil (Eurocreme) Decon Hunter (Young Bastards)
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