The Abyss Part One (Club Inferno Dungeon)

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Tags: Anal, BDSM, Being Fisted, Being Rimmed, Big Cocks, Body Hair, Cut Cocks, Fingering, Fisting, Gloves, Group, Leather/Rubber, Muscle, Redheads, Sportswear, Tattoos, Rosebud
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This is hot and I can vouch. This has only happened once to me in person but I've watched it and done it to other guys and it is amazing having a guy on the end of each fist and to be the fistee is amazing. These guys do it so well and it's serisouly hot, you will love watching them go at it! - Scott Hunter

Seamus O' Reilly is stacked on top of Brian Bonds atop a padded fuck-bench.

Jacob Peterson takes turns rimming both hunks smooth holes. Jacob gears up with some gloves and lube and puts one fist in Brian and the other in Seamus.

Like the good sex pigs they are, they take each punch that Jacob gives them.

Switching positions, Brian and Seamus bend over the fuck-bench next to each other while Jacob has them to ride his fists.

When they've had enough, they sit and send all three of their loads rocketing into the air.

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Hole Busters 10 - Scene Four (Club Inferno Dungeon)

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Tags: Anal, Ball Play (CBT), Being Fisted, Cut Cocks, Daddies, Fisting, Gloves, Inter-racial, Leather/Rubber, Muscle
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Alessio is a hot guy and everything about him is sexy. When you put him with an innocent looking guy like Brandon, you just know something hot will happen. Brandon shows he may look innocent but he sure as hell is anything butt (deliberate spelling). A hot scene of some serious arse play! - Scott Hunter

Brandon Moore loves having his hole busted by rough trade like Alessio Romero.

The young bottom-boy bends over and offers his tight hole to Romero who grabs an enormous 5 lb latex rhino horn and shoves it up his ass.

Romero works the giant toy in and out until Moore surprises him by handing him an even longer rubber ramrod to feed his hungry hole.

Romero pulls on his thick Latino cock while he punishes Moore's greedy butthole, swapping out the dildo for the rubber balls.

At first it looks like Moore can only handle one but Romero forces two fat orbs up his ass and puts the other end in Moore's mouth so he can jack a load out of his rock hard cock.

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Xperts - Scene 1 (Club Inferno Dungeon)

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Tags: Anal, Being Fisted, Body Hair, Daddies, Muscle, Tattoos, Twinks
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Wow! I love Derek already but Seamus, well, he knows how to take a fist...if you love rosebuds, you'll love this scene. A hot muscle daddy controlling a willing twink bottom..well, perfect show of domination and abuse. Hot. - Scott Hunter

Seamus O’Reilly shows off his Xpertise by strapping on a ball-gag and shoving his own fist up his ass.

The young ginger’s shocking antics catch the attention of Derek Parker who steps up to take over. He covers a huge black latex dildo in lube and works it deep inside Seamus’ twitching hungry hole.

The massive tool looks like it will split Seamus in half but the horny sex-pig begs for more so Derek puts him on his back and shoves his hefty gloved fist in the kid’s gaping hole.

Derek pounds Seamus until he pops a bright red rosebud then pulls off his glove and jacks a load out of his thick cock.

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Actor List:
Luke Adams (Titan Men) Scott Hunter (Tim Tales) Stas Landon (Lucas Entertainment) Colton Grey (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Russo (Men Over 30) Delta Kobra (Butch Dixon) Thomas Ride (Cocksure Men) JP Dubois (Falcon) Daniel Scott James (Hard Brit Lads) Edu Boxer (Men at Play) Tony Wilder (UK Naked Men) Tommy Defendi (Raging Stallion) Rikk York (Butch Dixon) Nick Capra (Raging Stallion) Seamus O'Reilly (Raging Stallion) Drew Brody (Hard Brit Lads) Byron Saint (Fetish Force) Darius Ferdynand (Hot House) Ryan Rose (Falcon) Jake Andrews (Lucas Entertainment) Theo Reid (UK Naked Men) David Lambert (Lucas Entertainment) Dorian Ferro (Raging Stallion) Topher Di Maggio ( Ivan Gregory (Lucas Entertainment) Johnny V (Falcon) James Jones (Lucas Entertainment) Drew Sumrok (Lucas Entertainment) Alex Graham (UK Naked Men) Alessio Romero (Club Inferno Dungeon) Trenton Ducati (Raging Stallion) Mark Coxx (UK Naked Men) Bennett Anthony (Titan Men) Jack Handler (TIM Fuck) Alex Marte (Butch Dixon) Klein Kerr (Men at Play) Ollie (Sean Cody) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Carter Dane (Men at Play) Alfie Stone (Butch Dixon) Alessio Romero (Bareback That Hole) Ray Han (Raging Stallion) Jake Jennings (Men Over 30) Darius Ferdynand (Men at Play) Matt Hughes (Alphamales) Spencer Reed (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Kristen Bjorn) Tex Davidson (Titan Men) Adam Dacre (Men at Play) Gio Cruz (Butch Dixon) Troy Daniels (Titan Men) James Hamilton (Cocksure Men) Dolf Dietrich (Fisting Central) Liam Magnuson (Lucas Entertainment) Billy Santoro (Men at Play) Rio Silver (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Lucas Entertainment) Christian Matthews (Bareback That Hole) Scott Hunter (Titan Men) Luke Adams (COLT) Mickey Rush (Cocksure Men) Issac Jones (World of Men) Beau Reed (Breed Me Raw) Scott Hunter (Alphamales) Clay Foxe (Titan Men) Javi Velaro (Lucas Entertainment) Steven Richards (Titan Men) Theo Reid (Bulldog Pit) Blake Daniels (Lucas Entertainment) Chris Hollander (COLT) Damien Crosse ( Tim Kruger (Tim Tales) Robin Fanteria (Butch Dixon) Seven Dixon (Raging Stallion) Jason Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Jack Union (Alphamales) Paddy O'Brien (World of Men) Aaron Steel (UK Naked Men) Bradley Cox (Hard Brit Lads) Kyle Braun (Bareback That Hole) Isaac Hardy (Butch Dixon) Jesse Jackman (Titan Men) Theo S (Alphamales) John Magnum (COLT) Draven Tores (Lucas Entertainment) Landon Conrad (Raging Stallion) Esteban Del Toro (Raging Stallion) Matt Stevens (Titan Men) Liam Magnuson (Raging Stallion) Dario Beck (Titan Men) Jacob Peterson (Club Inferno Dungeon) Alessio Romero (Men Over 30) Justin Blake (Bulldog Pit) Viktor Rom (Men at Play) David Ken (Hard Brit Lads) Matt Hughes (Eurocreme) Mario Delazarius (World of Men) Dustin Steele (Cocksure Men) Adam Herst (Hard Brit Lads) Damien Crosse (Alphamales)
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