Stranger In Prague Scene 2 (Kristen Bjorn)

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OK so Vaclav and Alex Stan are totally Eastern European looking and Alex Brando stands out totally because of his size and tan. It's a hot scene, the guys are all sexy but for me personally, Alex Brando is the hottest, he is massive muscularly and I love that over-sized look, it's hot. The only thing I would say is that he doesn't seem that into it, his thrusts are fairly mediocre and he's not putting much into it but the other boys seem really into it. My suspicion is Alex and Vaclav would be a lot of fun if you got them in private, it's a sexy scene but this sure as hell didn't happen to us when we visited Prague (unfortunately). - Scott Hunter

Stan and Vaclav Chovanec are heading out except that Brando is relaxing on their moto. Stan and Vaclav take advantage of the situation and invite this hot muscle man to their flat. The three equally matched muscle men strip each other and get down to business.

Stan and Vaclav are impressed when they release Brasdos raging hard on. They both immediately go down on him, tag teaming his cock with their hungry mouths. Now it’s time for Brando to show his hosts how a bodybuilder sucks cock. He goes back and forth from one huge, uncut cock to the other.

Vaclav then spreads his furry ass open and Brando dives in and begins fucking him with his wet tongue while Vaclav sucks on Brando’s cock.

With Vaclav’s ass nice and wet, Brando shoves his raw cock as far inside of him as possible as Vaclav continues sucking on Stan’s cock. Stan is flipped onto his back and Brando plunges his throbbing, bare cock deep inside of his ass.

Vaclav now feeds his meaty cock to his lover Stan while he enjoys the pleasures of Brando’s cock deep inside of him. With this much cock and this much pleasure a climax is soon to follow and does when Stand and Brando shoot their hot loads simultaneously.

All that cum has made Vaclav so excited that he shoots a huge creamy load from his thick, hefty cock. You never know when you will meet a hot and sexy stranger.

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Strangers In Prague 3 S1 (Kristen Bjorn)

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Tags: Anal, Bareback, Being Rimmed, Big Cocks, Cum Facial, Fingering, Flip-Flop, Foreskin, Group, Inter-racial, Latino, Muscle, Oral, Redheads, Rimming, Smooth, Tattoos, Uncut Cocks, Rosebud
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OK, so the rating isn't so hot but that is more because I think the scene is lacking something. It's not because they guys aren't hot. I've never heard of Tom or Rado before but yum!! Tom has a BEAUTIFUL big, thick dick, he's a sex stawberry blonde redhead and the sight of his hard dick sliding in and out is awesome!! Julio is just super sexy and his fat, dark cock is stunning too and Rado is sexy aswell. The guys are hot, the shots are sexy too, it just lacks something that's all. - Scott Hunter

The breathtaking city of Prague attracts some of the worlds hottest men, this time it has attracted Julio Rey to come and experience all of its rich treasures.

Julio is approached by Rado Zuska and Tom Vojak and show him some local hospitality. The three men return to Rado's flat and get very acquainted with each other. They quickly free themselves of the confines of their clothing and reveal their perfectly sculpted muscular bodies.

Julio is eager to pleasure his hosts and drops to his knees and begins sucking on one succulent cock after the other. He works his way from one to the other and has worked Rado into a frenzy and he shoots his thick creamy load of cum all over Julio. Julio sucks Rado's cock clean of all that cum.

After some more intense cock sucking, Rado then squats down onto Julio's trobbing raw cock while Tom feeds Julio his hot, hard cock. Rado is then flipped and Tom plunges his massive cock deep inside of his ass as Rado swallows Julio's cock that is dripping with their fuck juices still on his cock.

Tom fucks Rado with such passion that he sprays Rado's ass with is creamy load of cum. Julio's cock has had such immense pleasure today that Rado sucks the cum from deep within his shaft and laps it all up with his hungry tongue.

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Actor List:
Tony Orion (Titan Men) Billy Santoro (Men at Play) Tyler Reed (Breed Me Raw) Jack Dobris (Cocksure Men) Christopher Daniels (Eurocreme) Kayden Gray (Hard Brit Lads) Adam Sins (Cocksure Men) Thor Larsson (Titan Men) Jacob Peterson (Club Inferno Dungeon) Justin Blake (Bulldog Pit) Landon Conrad (Titan Men) Joe Gunn (Alphamales) Javi Velaro (Lucas Entertainment) Colton Grey (Lucas Entertainment) Scott Hunter (Cocksure Men) Ashley Rider (Bulldog Pit) Derek Parker (Lucas Entertainment) Kevin Blake (Falcon) Colt Rivers (Raging Stallion) Landon Conrad (Lucas Entertainment) Diesel Washington (Titan Men) Jimmy Visconti (Lucas Entertainment) Jake Lewis (Hard Brit Lads) Klein Kerr (Men at Play) Sean Duran (Men Over 30) Tom Wolfe (Titan Men) Mickey Taylor ( Axel Brooks (Men at Play) Donnie Dean (Falcon) Brad (Maskerbate) Rocco Steele (Raging Stallion) Harley Everett ( Paul Walker (Lucas Entertainment) Brad Patton (COLT) Derek Parker (Club Inferno Dungeon) Scotty Rage (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Trevor Spade (Cocksure Men) Edu Boxer (Men at Play) Hot Rod (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Champ (Titan Men) Darius Ferdynand (Men at Play) Fabio Lopez (Lucas Entertainment) Craig Daniel (Hard Brit Lads) Jay Roberts ( Bobby Hart (Hot House) Fabio Acconi (Falcon) Scott Hunter (COLT) Leo Domenico (Titan Men) Hunter Marx (Titan Men) Jeff Stronger (Butch Dixon) Jacob Lee (Lucas Entertainment) Jordan Fox (Hard Brit Lads) Mark Brown (Cocksure Men) Dirk Wakefield (Lucas Entertainment) Matt Hughes (Alphamales) Logan Rogue (Lucas Entertainment) Christian Matthews (Bareback That Hole) Johnny V (Falcon) Adam Wirthmore (Falcon) Gio Cruz (Butch Dixon) Stas Landon (Lucas Entertainment) Davey Anthony (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Sebastian Rossi (Lucas Entertainment) Ivo Kerk (Cocksure Men) Liam Magnuson (Raging Stallion) Matt Stevens (Titan Men) Issac Jones (Alphamales) Drake Jaden (Men Over 30) Sam Bishop (Hard Brit Lads) Danny Montero (Hard Brit Lads) Seth Treston (Lucas Entertainment) Chad Brock (Bareback That Hole) Mickey Rush (Cocksure Men) Dato Foland (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Tim Tales) Nick Andrews (Bareback That Hole) Luckas Layton (Eurocreme) Max Cameron (TIM Suck) Paul Walker ( Frank Valencia (UK Naked Men) Tom Paris (Cocksure Men) Enigma (TIM Fuck) Drew Brody (Hard Brit Lads) Seth Roberts (Lucas Entertainment) Marcus Issacs (Lucas Entertainment) JR Bronson (World of Men) Antonio Miracle (Butch Dixon) Charlie Harding (Cocksure Men) Brett Bradley (Cocksure Men) Ricky Decker (Falcon) Jed Athens (Titan Men) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Daniel James (UK Naked Men) Thor Larsen (Titan Men) Micah Brandt (Titan Men) Scotty Rage (Cocksure Men) Enzo Rimenez (Men at Play) Geoffrey Paine (Alphamales) Sean Zevran (Falcon) Brett Bradley (Extra Big Dicks)
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