Tax Man Cummeth Scene 2 (Titan Men)

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Tags: Anal, Being Rimmed, Big Cocks, Black, Body Hair, Cut Cocks, Daddies, Hairy Holes, Inter-racial, Kissing, Latino, Men of Colour, Muscle, Older Men, Oral, Rimming, Sweat, Tattoos
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This is a hot scene from Titan again. Both guys are hot, appealing to a number of my turn ons there's some awesome shots of Diesel's dick inside David, David looks hot as ever and it's so hot when Diesel shoots his load all over David. Watch out for the bit where David is so turned on pre-cum is dripping from his dick while he's being fucked, that is HOT! - Scott Hunter

SF Titans Baseball coach and former star player Diesel Washington gets a visit from his accountant David Benjamin—who’s nervous about income his client wants him to ignore.

Diesel uses his crotch to tempt his aroused accountant: “It’s all yours…go for it.” David engulfs Diesel’s monster, gagging on it: “It’s fucking huge!” says the breathless sucker, soon begging Diesel to rape his mouth. “Don’t get bossy with me,” says the increasingly verbal alpha, “I’ll make you choke on it.” A big spit strand connects David’s furry face to Diesel’s cock, the smiling sucker extending his tongue for a dick whipping.

Diesel sucks the excitable stud back, then eats and slaps his ass before fucking him. David’s stiff dick bounces as he gets fucked, Diesel telling him to “squeeze it!” A pearl of precum drips from David’s dick, the bottom soon on his back begging for more: “Stretch that fucking hole!” David’s whole bod shakes as he gets owned, his cock squirting without any stroking—Diesel then dumping his load on him.

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The Tax Man Cummeth (Titan Men)

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Tags: Anal, Big Cocks, Body Hair, Cut Cocks, Daddies, Foreskin, Inter-racial, Kissing, Latino, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos, Uncut Cocks
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Well, Eric has one beautiful big dick, I think I'm in love, but then again, Tex is hot too. I love this scene, not just because it's Titan but the guys are real in it, it does't look like two plastic, perfect guys, the guys are real, the sex looks great and as usual, the camera shots really make you want to stick your tongue in and have a lick yourself! - Scott Hunter

Tex Davidson whips out his huge cock for a live webcam show, then pumps it up.

He’s interrupted by a knock at the door—agent Eric Nero needs to conduct an inspection for a home office deduction. Tex is happy to show off how he works, sliding his meat out and putting it back in his cock pump. “You wanna try it?” asks Tex. “I don’t need to,” offers Eric, his monster cock soon staring Tex in the face.

“Damn, Mr. Taxman! You got a big ol’ dick!” Tex sucks it deep, Eric’s big balls drooping over his pants. Tex looks up, his beard rubbed by Eric—who then fucks his face. Eric worships Tex’s beast, the two soon kissing as their scruff touches.

Tex gets eaten and fingered before ramming Eric from behind. Eric’s hard cock and balls bounce as he gets fucked. He sits down on the top, riding him as his own big dick flops back and forth.

He arches back for a kiss, then gets fucked on his back—reaching up to touch Tex’s beard again before his toned bod gets coated.

And all the while the two don’t realize the live cam is still turned on and they’ve been broadcasting it all on the internet!

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Bennett And Micah (Titan Men)

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Tags: Anal, Being Rimmed, Big Cocks, Black, Cut Cocks, Flip-Flop, Inter-racial, Kissing, Men of Colour, Muscle, Older Men, Oral, Redheads, Rimming, Smooth, Sweat, Tattoos
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These boys are hot. There's no denying it, always loved Bennett and Micah is just gorgeous too. There's some awesome close-ups of Micah's smooth hole being licked by Bennett and Bennett looks so hot throughout. Both guys have amazing bubble butts, I have a hardon just writing this. - Scott Hunter

We’ve all experienced the casual but undeniable sexual energy of a barber shop. One man giving up a bit of control while the other serves him. The unspoken give and take.

Tattooed, red-headed Bennett Anthony trims the hair and beard of the muscular Micah Brandt. A simple trim becomes a real sexual give and take as the two enjoy a flip-fuck right in the barber’s chair. Micah pays Bennett back by leaning down to suck Bennett’s hard dick. Yes, he’s got red hair everywhere.

Bennett, pants still around his knees, drops to pull out Micah’s big, hard dick and sucks him back. Trading of blowjobs becomes trading of rim jobs and Micah buries his face in Bennett’s ass and Bennett returns the favor before hopping up on Micah’s dick and sliding his ass down on it.

The sexual chemistry between these men is undeniable. These men are really enjoying getting to know every inch of each other. Seeing Micah’s thick hard dick slamm! ing into Bennett’s asshole is something you won’t want to miss. When it’s time to switch positions, the two men are uncontrollable…

Micah cums TWICE before blowing a big third load with Bennett’s dick buried in his hole. Bennett hops up on Micah’s chest and blows his own load right into Micah’s face and the two finish off swapping spit and cum.

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Out! Scene 4 (Titan Men)

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Tags: Anal, Being Rimmed, Body Hair, Cut Cocks, Daddies, Hairy Holes, Kissing, Muscle, Oral, Rimming, Tattoos
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OK, start off by saying I love both of these guys, both are hot, older, hairy, muscle guys and there's nothing not to like about that! I would love to have been the piggy in the middle here but I think there's a very specific market for two older guys getting it on, despite them both being incredibly hot, I loved this scene by the way but I wonder if it may have been a bit too niche? - Scott Hunter

A.J. Benson (Jackman) expresses how good it feels to “be free” with GSPN reporter Jim Weaver (Dallas Steele), who has his own confession: He’s had a crush on the jock ever since they played together 20 years ago.

“Wish I’d known,” replies the baseball star, who leans in for a kiss. The two rub the bulges in each other’s pants, the reporter’s shaft popping out of his underwear and into A.J.’s mouth.

He sniffs the stud’s groin, rubbing his shaved head on his cock. Jim sucks him back, then eats his hole before fucking him (“You are so fucking tight!”).

He then bends over (“Right there!” he moans) before they flip fuck again, their dripping bodies soon even wetter.

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Out! Scene 3 (Titan Men)

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Tags: Anal, Being Rimmed, Body Hair, Cut Cocks, Daddies, Kissing, Muscle, Oral, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, Smooth, Sportswear
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I love Dirk, he knows it, you know it, I think most know that we get on very well so cant say a bad thing about him, he is looking smoking hot and makes me want to get underneath him myself! Luke does a good job, his perfect skin and lovely shape make for an enjoyable watch! - Scott Hunter

A.J's coming out interview also shocks minor league player Luke Adams, who sees it in his hotel room--and quickly comes out to coach Dirk Caber.

"Takes one to know one," Dirk says to the surprised jock, who soon has the muscle man's cock in his mouth.

Dirk can't wait to return the favor, licking and rubbing the smooth stud's bod and feasting on his shaft and sac: "God, you taste good!" he smiles.

Luke's steel shaft slams against his own groin when released from Dirk's mouth, then stays stiff as he gets plowed ("Fuck yeah, coach!").

He shoots, then sucks his own cum off the top's finger. Dirk unloads, licks his own wad off the bottom's bod--then goes in for a kiss.

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