"RUFDUP n Wet"
Scott Hunter, Rogan Richards

RUFDUP n Wet (Men at Play)

Stars of this scene:

Rogan Richards is always Ruffin' up some hot guy - first it was Landon Conrad in RUFDUP, then it was Paul Wagner in TUXDUP and now its Scott Hunter’s insatiable ass that’s on the receiving end of Rogan’s manimal touch.

But despite Scott looking like a well groomed business man, deep down he’s a filthy pig and he can’t get enough Rogan’s thick, veiny meat, even begging for more when Rogan aggressively rips open his shirt before giving him the pounding of a lifetime on the wet locker-room floor.

Scott and Rogan share an explosive chemistry that’s easy to see, and if you don’t believe us just check out the look in Scott’s eyes as he gets a mouthful of Rogan’s hot, juicy cum.




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Hard Brit Lads Scott Hunter Butch Dixon Scott Hunter
Actor List:
Landon Conrad (Raging Stallion) Ray Han (Raging Stallion) Josh Bangs (Hot House) Landon Conrad (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Raging Stallion) Nick Sterling (Falcon) George Ce (Titan Men) Rikk York (Butch Dixon) Patrik (Men at Play) Quentin Gainz (Next Door Raw) Patrick O'Connor (Cocksure Men) Dorian Ferro (Raging Stallion) Darius Soli (Breed Me Raw) Rio Francisco (Bulldog Pit) Alex Stan (Kristen Bjorn) Gabriel Vanderloo (Men at Play) David Benjamin (Titan Men) Luke Vogel (Young Bastards) Alex Marte (Men at Play) Tommy Defendi (Raging Stallion) Carlo Cox (World of Men) Bradley Cox (Hard Brit Lads) Emir Boscatto (Men at Play) Trevor Spade (Cocksure Men) Raff Owen (Lucas Entertainment) Landon Conrad (Falcon) Dustin Steele (Cocksure Men) Abraham Monentegro (Butch Dixon) Johnny Hazzard (Men at Play) Scott Hunter (Cocksure Men) Jake Richards (Hard Brit Lads) Oscar Roberts (Hard Brit Lads) Brad Kalvo (Bareback That Hole) Dario Leon (Lucas Entertainment) Tyler Reed (Breed Me Raw) Enzo Rimenez (Men at Play) Adam Soulska (COLT) Matt Stevens (Titan Men) Geoffrey Paine (Alphamales) Nova Rubio (Lucas Entertainment) Woody Fox (Men at Play) Derek Parker (Lucas Entertainment) Alfie Stone (Butch Dixon) Ollie (Sean Cody) Marco Rubi (Lucas Entertainment) Javi Velaro (Lucas Entertainment) Micahel Laughlan (Lucas Entertainment) Race Cooper (Fetish Force) Angel Rock (Falcon) Issac Jones (Alphamales) Jay Black (World of Men) Jacob Lee (Lucas Entertainment) Theo S (Alphamales) Andy West (Breed Me Raw) Trelino (Raging Stallion) Lucio Saints (Kristen Bjorn) Alex Ford (Hard Brit Lads) Jed Athens (Lucas Entertainment) Joseph Rough (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Emir Boscatto (Men at Play) Scotty Rage (Hot Dads Hot Lads) Klein Kerr (Men at Play) Josh West (COLT) Shawn Wolfe (Raging Stallion) Seamus O'Reilly (Raging Stallion) Jacob Lee (TIM Fuck) Adrian Toledo (UK Naked Men) Allen Silver (Titan Men) Connor Kline (Hot House) Rob Yaeger (TIM Fuck) Tom Wolfe (Titan Men) Scott Hunter (COLT) Skippy Baxter (Raging Stallion) Dirk Caber (Alphamales) Jake Richards (The Hunter Diaries) Brett Bradley (Cocksure Men) Luke Adams (Titan Men) Luke Milan (Falcon) Shane Frost (Lucas Entertainment) Rogan Richards (UK Naked Men) Andy O'Neil (Eurocreme) Scott Hunter (Titan Men) Kayden Fleming (Falcon) Drew Sumrok (Lucas Entertainment) Fabio Stallone (Lucas Entertainment) Dean Monroe (Men.com) Mack Manus (Titan Men) Topher Di Maggio (Men at Play) Luckas Layton (Eurocreme) Issac Jones (World of Men) Colt Rivers (Raging Stallion) Mario Domenech (Butch Dixon) Scotty Rage (Bareback That Hole) Dario Beck (Men at Play) Sean Xavier (Lucas Entertainment) Adam Killian (Lucas Entertainment) Shaw (Sean Cody) Jack Dobris (Cocksure Men) Dirk Wakefield (Lucas Entertainment) Robin Fanteria (Butch Dixon)
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